Hire Improv U

Hire Improv U for Adult Outreach, Employee and Volunteer Appreciation Conferences, Colleges and High Schools, Private Communities, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and more!


Improv Workshops
Learn to improvise through fun games and exercises in a no pressure environment. Get to know your group better than ever before and share the special and unique experience of doing improv together! Professional Improviser and veteran improv teacher Anthony Francis takes you on a fun and exciting experience where you will leave feeling more confident and with a bunch of great new memories!

Improv Shows
Sit down, relax, and get ready to laugh…hard.
Enjoy live unscripted comedy with professional improv comedy actors! We perform fast, fun, and clean comedy. We even bring your CEO or other VIP up on stage for some good clean fun too. You don’t want to miss this. Schedule an improv show for your next event and see what you’ve been missing!


Long Form Improv
Learn the art of Chicago-style Improvisational Theater through fun games and exercises in a no pressure environment. Learn to entertain and make people laugh without ever having to be funny or clever! Participants will never perform alone in front of the group. This is a very supportive and fun class with group and duo activities. Discover interesting characters and fun and exciting situations with your scene partner as they happen live on stage! Each class is 2 hours. Minimum 8 students.