Business Casual Show (Alumni Only)

Our monthly performance has spots for advanced improv students and improv drop in students to perform. If you would like to perform in the next BizCas show just contact us. The only requirement is you must have taken at least one drop in class. You will get a free ticket into the show when you perform.

Common Grounds Comedy Hour (By Submission)

This is a short form improv show which means different groups will get up and play short form games. Submit your teams info and a short video of your performance to be eligible to perform. We recommend no more than four members per group as it is a small stage. 

The Improv U Graduation Show (Alumni Only)

After our 8 week classes we hold a graduation show. If you are an advanced student you will perform, but this is also a great opportunity for drop in students to do a scene as well as individual groups to jump up and perform for their fellow students, friends, and family. This is a free show and a chance to meet everyone from Improv U!

Interested but need to know more? Call us! 844-561-4242